Who We Are?


Advanced Research Centre (ARC) is a multidisciplinary research centre located in University of Science and Technology, Meghalaya. The centre is situated at a pristine location in the hills of Meghalaya and provides the perfect environment for carrying out high quality research. Our aim is to develop a world class research institute and provide training in a broad area ranging from Material Science to Molecular Biology. ARC houses a variety of major Sophisticated Analytical Instruments which are maintained by a dedicated qualified group of scientific staff. Some of the major equipment available in the centre are- GC-MS, UHPLC,  Real-time PCR, FTIR, AAS, TGA etc. These equipment and facilities help the Faculty,  Research Scholars and students to carry out globally competitive Research in basic and Applied Sciences.

ARC is committed to be a State-of-the-art Research Centre for achieving excellence in identified crucial areas of Science and Technology. Research at the Centre is  carried out in respective units which are divided based on primary research focus. These Units are Molecular Biology, Chemistry, Material Science, Microbiology. Being a research institution of higher learning, the primary goal of ARC is to produce well trained Ph.D. and PG students.

Your Dream

Our Vision

To be a world leading research institute by excelling in new and groundbreaking research with the help state of the art and advanced scientific instruments. ARC will create an outstanding climate of support for future scientists and researchers. 

Join Us In

Our Mission


To promote and coordinate research at multidisciplinary level and to spread the arena of research throughout the world by pursuing some academic activities.


To create a culture of high achievement by collaborating with research communities of various Govt. and Non Govt organisations, academic institutions, even with industry or business/corporate houses in India and abroad


To enhance researcher’s ability to obtain and manage grants


To provide multi-and inter-disciplinary training for the next generation of scientists as well as supporting science education.


To enhance the ability to perform research in global community.

Goals and Objectives

ARC have identified 4 strategic goals to guide the centre for the upcoming years. Each is further defined by supporting objectives.

Add value to the overall research experience

  • Develop and support existing as well as emerging research strengths (high performance culture) 
  • Prepare the executive operation plan for scientific research at ARC and follow up its implementation 
  • To enhance researcher’s ability to obtain and manage grants 

Develop best in class research facility

  • Conduct various projects (national and foreign; government and non-government) for enhancing the quality of both the research fields and the researchers and for the societal development. 
  • Foster the development of post-secondary research 
  • Organize awareness camps, seminar/conferences (National and    International), workshops, training programmes, even training courses to enhance the quality and capability of both faculties and the students. 

Provide high value research products

  • Increase the quantity, quality, and availability of research products. 
  • Improve translation of research into the public benefit.

Ensure the sustainability of the ARC and enable future growth

  • Assure long-term reliability and  sustainability of ARC 
  • Establish the policies and procedures that encourage scientific research and provide the necessary support to achieve the goals in achieving outstanding scientific research 
  • Work towards the internal growth and external expansion of ARC. 

Chancellor's message

Welcome and thank you for choosing to visit the website of Advanced Research Centre. We are a centre within the University of Science and Technology and is situated at a pristine location in the hills of Meghalaya. 

ARC is a unique multidisciplinary research institute devoted to conducting, supporting, and encouraging research and innovation in the fields of materials science and catalysis, biological science and theoretical science. I envisage ARC to be a vital strategic part that will invest in emerging research fields that may change today’s traditional classification

Tomorrow’s challenges demand innovative and unconventional approaches that dissolve the boundaries of classic disciplines. ARC has a strong basic science research program, with substantial experience in training undergraduate students, graduate students (MSc and PhD), and research associates.  ARC’s agenda of research is guided by policy concerns, by research interests of individual faculty members’ and sponsored projects.

Nevertheless, changing needs always demand strengthening and diversifying the research. While individual scholars would continue to have the freedom to choose topics for research, there is a need to expand the frontiers of knowledge in order to keep with the emerging challenges. 

ARC is climbing the ladder of success steadily in a highly competitive scientific research and is coming to limelight on the national and international stage by maintaining the uniqueness in the research field. Our diverseness of prowess is matched by a cross-culturism of excellence and a common appreciation for interdisciplinary collaboration. 

I invite you to take some time to visit the Advanced Research Centre and learn more about the cutting edge research, accomplishments, recent findings, competency and various events. Even better, I encourage you  to meet our research team, faculty and students and be inspired by the innovation, ambition, and creativity you will find here. 

Message from Hon’ble Vice Chancellor’s desk

Greetings and welcome to the Advanced Research Centre, University ofand Technology, Meghalaya. The ARC is a budding research centre that has taken birth amidst the COVID19 lock down scenario of 2020. The research centre has been established with an objective to develop and support existing as well as emerging research areas. The University has focused on scientific and technological development through teaching and research for the need of human resource development. The centre, thus aims at training students and scholars displaying competency in their respective as well as multi-disciplinary research work. Our research programs range across disciplines and embrace multi-domain and multi-level perspectives committed to relevance and excellence. We aim at achieving outstanding record of producing world class scientists, researchers, and academicians. ARC offers several experimental learning opportunities for its students and research scholars including extramural internships in various industries of relevance.

Adequate infrastructure is always a priority for the University. ARC of USTM is well equipped having a state-of-the-art facility hosting an array of sophisticated analytical instruments of the latest technology to support the research and development work. It is a reflection of the intense activity led by a group of highly qualified professionals, including researchers, technicians, students, administrative personnel and our collaborators. With this dynamic team, I am positive and confident that we will achieve a competitive ranking of the gold standards in TLR (teaching, learning, and research) set by MHRD, within a very short span of time. 

Research collaboration is an integral part of our growth strategy. Advanced Research Centre, USTM is also extending its outreach to the industry and looking forward towards collaborating with the academic institutions worldwide for carrying out research, faculty visit, syllabus up-gradation and other regulatory reforms. We have just started the engine of creating new knowledge and running quite stable but shall gear up from time to time and soon concretize the dreams of our Founder-Chancellor of the University. 

I hereby take the honour and privilege to invite researchers from various disciplines as well as professionals and research scientists from industries and research institutions to test their analytical samples here at our Advanced Research Centre. 

Director’s Message

“Fortune favors the prepared mind” – Louis Pasteur 

In search of perfection, for centuries, Man has always been orchestrating various innovative acts and utilizing them to establish facts. Pertaining to this way of achieving perfection through innovation, we need to keep up with activities that not only streamline our day to day life, but also come up with variations that help us to upgrade with time. Advanced Research Centre (ARC) at University of Science and Technology, Meghalaya, is one such place in North East India where precision is maintained and perfection is seen as the key to Research and Development in an advanced level.  I would like to highlight that the sophisticated instruments that form the core of operations of Advanced Research Centre, are one of its kind in North East India and can outshine other such units being operational at present.. The unit as a whole functions as the main driving force for interdisciplinary research work that’s being carried out by our faculties, PhD and MSc Scholars.

We aim to spread our network to not only regional, but also, national level institutes, universities and also industries who aim to achieve notable success in the field of Research and Development. The efficiency and efficacy of ARC has been critical in helping the research forum of USTM to visualize challenges. that can not only be handled in a much well defined manner, but also strategize steps, in advance, needed to carry out any uphill task related to showcasing innovation.  

ARC comprises of a team of experienced professionals who have diversity in their field of expertise and also, are well trained to enable both internal scholars and outside applicants to receive notable and desired output data through sophisticated and innovative analysis setup. 

I invite you to take some time to visit our website and get informed about the available facilities at ARC, which may suit Research and Development work. I would also like to welcome you to our Institute to interact with our research team to come up with more innovative and creative ideas, which will lead to a fusion of its kind in the forum of Research and Development of our nation. 

Core Values Of ARC

At the ARC, our core values drives our commitment and purpose. Our core values are the pillars that guide the ARC in building an organisation that reflects who we are and what we do. All members of ARC looks up and follows to this principle to dive into their own potential and work towards achieving groundbreaking research 

RespectWe are committed to treating each other, our process partners and others we work with, as valued colleagues, guided by open communication, collaboration, partnership, integrity and respect in order to achieve our common goals.
Dedication The energy, enthusiasm, and dedication of our staff are key factors in our success. We are committed to maintaining a positive, team-based research environment that optimizes the use of our skills, strengths, and interests.
Integrity Our decisions are governed by honesty and openness, and to underline the value of the organization campus-wide. Our research practices are in alignment with compliance regulations and ethical principles.
Innovation and Sustainability ARC’s governance and decision making process will be transparent and open except in conditions where strict confidentiality is required
Quality ARC is committed to developing a range of resources and strategies designed to provide the highest level of quality services possible to the research community that positions the UW research program for a successful future.