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Thank you for visiting our institutional website .It is a reflection of the intense activity led by a group of highly qualified persons, including researchers, technicians, students, administrative personnel and long list of collaborators. Advanced Research Centre is a private facility with the objective of becoming a world class centre for cutting edge research. This website provides you impressive figures that encapsulate the scientific output and capacity of ARC. 

ARC invites you to join us in building a bright future every day and to engage in this collective journey towards building personal and professional growth. 


Advanced Research Centre (ARC) is a multidisciplinary research centre located in University of Science and Technology, Meghalaya. The centre is situated at a pristine location in the hills of Meghalaya and provides the perfect environment for carrying out high quality research. Our aim is to develop a world class research institute and provide training in a broad area ranging from Material Science to Molecular Biology. ARC houses a variety of major Sophisticated Analytical Instruments which are maintained by a dedicated qualified group of scientific staff. Some of the major equipment available in the centre are- GC-MS, UHPLC,  Real-time PCR, FTIR, AAS, TGA etc. These equipment and facilities help the Faculty,  Research Scholars and students to carry out globally competitive Research in basic and Applied Sciences.

“Countries have to provide facilities for their nationals to do front-rank research within the resources which are available. It is equally necessary, having produced the men who can do research, to organize task oriented projects for the nation’s practical problems.”

– Vikram Sarabhai

Recent Research

Development of a Small Scale Telescope for the Detection of Solar Radio Emission - Sponsored by ERDF
Food Industry Capacity and Skill Initiative (FICSI) under the scheme of Skill Development - Sponsored by Ministry of Food Processing Industries
Synthesis of reusable metal-free photocatalyst for visible ' Light Aided Generation of Benzyl Intermediate' sponsored by SERB, Govt of India, New Delhi
Training programme on geospatial technologies under natural resources data management system - Sponsored by DST-NRDMS
DST INSPIRE science camp- Sponsored by Ministry of Science and Technology, DST


Central Instrumentation Facility (CIF) houses sophisticated state-of-the-art analytical instruments and software tools centrally for carrying out cutting-edge research in various scientific and technological domains.