List of Patents Published / Granted

Name of the FacultyDepartmentTitlePublished/Granted
Dr. Rashel SarkarComputer ScienceArtificial intelligence and deep learning based driverless cars to reduce the road accident, death race using pythonPublished
Dr. Rashel SarkarComputer ScienceStock market prediction using artificial neural networks in pythonPublished
Mr. Abhijit Brahma, Priyanka MahantaBusiness AdministrationAn artificial intelligence – based system with big data analytics and predictive data modelling for automating the stock trading with minimized risk of market exposurePublished
Dr. Kamaleswar BoroBusiness AdministrationFramework for service quality management to ensure customer satisfaction in mordern virtual enterprisesPublished
Dr. Sudarshana BorahPharmaceutical ScienceA system to prepare and study a therapeutic drug for dementia and other neurological disordersGranted
Dr. Sudarshana Borah, Kamallochan Barman, Bhanita DasPharmaceutical ScienceA biot assembly with wireless communication and a smart user interface having xml protocolsPublished
Dr. Sudarshana Borah, Dr. Pallab KalitaPharmaceutical Science“A method for analyzing chemical profiling, free radical scavenging and anti-acetylcholinestarase activities of essential oil derived from curcumacaesia”. (republic of south africa)Granted date:  29/06/2022
Dr. Sudarshana Borah, Kamallochan Barman, Bhanita DasPharmaceutical Science“experimental investigation of effect of pitch augmentation in fluro polymer spiral tube in tube heat exchanger and optimization of flow parameter for minimum fouling”Published
Dr. Sudarshana Borah, Aditya BoraPharmaceutical ScienceAn apparatus for preparing antimicrobial herbal handwash
Dr. Sudarshana Borah, Kamallochan Barman And Bhanita DasPharmaceutical ScienceDeveloping the next generation of drug delivery technologies using nanoscale: medicine to agriculturePublished
Dr. Sudarshana BorahPharmaceutical ScienceGreening the pharmacy shelves reducing the environmental impact of medicines manufacturePublished
Dr. Sudarshana BorahPharmaceutical ScienceComputational approach to inhibiting alzheimer’s kelch-neh2 complex using malus domestica peels.Published
Dr. Sudarshana BorahPharmaceutical ScienceComputational approaches in modifying the inhibition of toll like receptor in alzheimer’s disease prognosis using claviceps purpurea derived brominated compound, α-ergocryptinePublished
Rofiqul IslamPharmaceutical ScienceDesigningan automated iot based high density quick response inhalers for chronic inflammatory lung diseasePublished
Rofiqul IslamPharmaceutical ScienceSystematic approach to study the early detection, prediction and diagnosis of the brain stroke through six sigma methodologiesPublished
Rofiqul IslamPharmaceutical ScienceDeep learning based drug discovery technique to analyze the impact of existing drugs for luekemia and paving way for new efficacious drugs”Published
Rofiqul IslamPharmaceutical ScienceArtificial intelligence based approach to analyze the therapeutic effect of drugs that are obtained from marine in the treatment of cancerPublished
Rofiqul Islam, Gaurav Kumar Bhargav, Jayita Das, Quri Kiron Hazarika, Innocent SutngaPharmaceutical ScienceA surgical tool for disection of branchial arches of zebra fish model (german).Granted Granted Date: 22/07/2022
Dr. Pallab Kalita, Gaurav Kumar BhargavPharmaceutical ScienceEpigallocatechin 3 gallate inhibits inflammatorymediators in transgenic zebrafish modelPublished
Dr. Pallab Kalita, Gaurav Kumar BhargavPharmaceutical ScienceFree radicle analysis of “kolakhar” obtained from musa balbisianaPublished
Dr. Pallab Kalita, Gaurav Kumar BhargavPharmaceutical ScienceElemental analysis of the phytoconstituents of kolakhar obtained from musa balbisianaPublished
Dr. Pallab Kalita, Gaurav Kumar BhargavPharmaceutical ScienceZebrafish assessment parameters in neurobiological studiesPublished
Dr. Pallab KalitaPharmaceutical ScienceA novel herbal formulation for the prevention and management of cardiovascular disorder (german)Granted
Dr. Pallab KalitaPharmaceutical Science“A herbal mosquito repellent diffusing composition” ( german patent)Granted. Granted date:  17/06/2022
Dr. Pallab KalitaPharmaceutical ScienceAnti-fungal cream formulation and evaluation with nulembo nucifera and azadiracta indica leaves extract.(indian)Published Published date: 22/07/2022
Dr. Pallab Kalita, Gaurav Kumar BhargavPharmaceutical ScienceDevice for blood sample analysis”.Granted
Dr. Pallab KalitaPharmaceutical Science“formulation of organic components control of infection for diabetic patients”Published
Gaurav Kumar BhargavPharmaceutical ScienceAn effective healthcare monitoring system based on iot and machine learning to track an old age patient’s vitalsPublished
  Dr. Pallab Kalita & Gaurav Kumar BhargavPharmaceutical SciencePharmacotherapeutic polyphenols used against cognitive declination in down syndromePublished
Gaurav Kumar Bhargav, Jayita Das, Pyrkhatlang MyrbohPharmaceutical ScienceA system for secure home automation through speech via google assistant based on iot, ml & cloud technologyPublished
Abdul Kadir JilaniPharmaceutical ScienceSolid dispersion of an antifungal drug in gel formulation for improving bioavailability.Published
Aditya BoraPharmaceutical ScienceNovel formulation of silymarin for treatment of hepatitisPublished
Abdul Kadir JilaniPharmaceutical ScienceSolid dispersion of an antifungal drug in gel formulation for improving bioavailabilityPublished
Rofiqul IslamPharmaceutical ScienceArtificial intelligence based approach integrated with imaging techniques for diagnosing liver diseasePublished
Dr. Pooja ChaudhuriPhysiotherapyAmbulatory assistive device for visually impaired person using artificial intelligence with assistance in map navigationPublished
Dr. Pooja ChaudhuriPhysiotherapyImage registration and recognition of brain images captured using multiple modalities for early detectionPublished
Dr. Pooja ChaudhuriPhysiotherapy. Machine learning and artificial intelligence based on feedback systems for educational institutionsPublished
Dr. Pooja ChaudhuriPhysiotherapyWomen entrepreneurship challenges, planning and strategy for sustainable growth in indiaPublished
Dr. Velumani P.S.Computer Science & ElectronicsBrand preference customer satisfaction and loyalty towards smartphones among college studentsPublished
Dr. Velumani P.S.Computer Science & ElectronicsMachine learning architecture for news reporting texts in social networks for detection of fake newsPublished
Dr. Velumani P.SComputer Science & ElectronicsLora adhoc network based outdoor wireless communication systemPublished
Dr. Velumani P.SComputer Science & ElectronicsIntelligence classification and  routing of computer text using ai transfer learningPublished
Dr. Nilanjan MazumdarBusiness AdministrationRole of ai and blockchains in making various segments of the financial sector automated and decentralizedPublished
Dr. Rashmi BaruahBusiness Administration“A system for evaluating the role of emotional intelligence and work life balance in job stress and method thereof”Published
Dr. Atowar Ul Islam, Ms Sangeeta BorkakotyComputer Science & ElectronicsAn efficient iot based smart bio toilet management system for smart city guwahati, assamPublished
Dr. Atowar Ul IslamComputer Science & ElectronicsMethod for transmitting data between popularity  of trees and arrays using machine learningPublished
Dr. Atowar Ul Islam, Ms Sangeeta BorkakotyComputer Science & ElectronicsEnumerating and manipulating tree data for tagging trees using machine learningPublished
Dr.  Atowar Ul IslamComputer Science & ElectronicsInternet of things in advanced manufacturingPublished
Dr. Atowar Ul IslamComputer Science & ElectronicsMedical imaging analysis for predicting a diagnosis of a neurobehavioral disorder.Published
Dr. Atowar Ul Islam, Ms Sangeeta BorkakotyComputer Science & ElectronicsVibrational structural monitoring system based on internet of thingsPublished
Aditya BoraPharmaceutical Science“A novel formulation for preventing skin from terrible consequences of sanitizers”Published
Aditya BoraPharmaceutical ScienceHerbal composition for treatment of oral related disorder and a method for preparation thereof.
Dr. Swati Baishya Ms. Jyoti Hatiboruah Ms. Kirtika UzirBusiness AdministrationEffect of revenue generation on tax auditing and investigation in developing economiesPublished
Dr. Priyanka ShankarisanAPPLIED BIOLOGYInsulin dispensing device with body glucose monitoringPublished
Dr. Mohibul HoquePharmaceutical ScienceMedical virtual reality devicePublished
Dr. Bhairab Sarma, Daisy Kalita & Gaurav Kumar BhargavComputer Science & Electronics & PharmacyDevelopment of a smart tokenizer for natural language processingPublished
Ms. Priyanka MahantaBusiness AdministrationA_system_for_providing_mediating_effect_of_emotional_intelligence_in_work_life_balance_in_corporate_worldPublished
Mr. Abhijit BrahmaBusiness AdministrationAn artificial intelligence-based system and online web application based games for social psychology perspective and assistance on the barriers to effective communication and teamwork”Published
Dr. Nilanjan MazumderBusiness AdministrationDigital marketing techniques using artificial intelligence, blockchain and iot and method thereofPublished
Dr. Rashel SarkerComputer Science and ElectronicsFinancial fraud apps detection by using data mining optimization techniques with machine learningPublished
Dr. Rashel SarkerComputer Science and ElectronicsArtificial intelligence techniques and big data analytics based digital document fraud detection system using internet of things (iot) enabled machine learning things in finance and economic industryPublished
Dr. Rashel SarkerComputer Science and ElectronicsArtificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms to detect and prevent malware in cyber securityPublished
Dr. Rashel SarkerComputer Science and ElectronicsExact prediction and consumption of residential electricity power cost hours, daily, weekly, monthly using artificial intelligence neural technology and machine learning models and deep learning techniquesPublished
Dr Rashel SarkerComputer Science and ElectronicsCloud based iot smart and accurate traffic monitoring system in real time applications for developed countries to reduce traffic related issuesPublished
Ms. Priyanka MahantaBusiness AdminiA system for evaluating role of hr practices in employee engagement and retention.Published
Mr. Abhijit BrajhmaBusiness AdminiA system for evaluating effect of leveraging the right technology for global customer relationship management.Published
Kamallochan Barman & Jayita DasPharmaceutical ScienceNovel mechanism for management of hepatotoxicity using morin dihydro loaded micro particlesPublished
Rofiqul IslamPharmaceutical ScienceTitle of invention: artificial intelligence based approach to study the impact of topical nano adjuvants for eradication of skin cancerPublished
Dr. Pallab KalitaPharmaceutical ScienceSystem to assess and identify the casualty of the wound tissue using artificial intelligencePublished
Dr. Sudarshana BorahPharmaceutical ScienceComputational approaches in repurposing anti-high blood pressure drug, prazobind that alters the inhibition of rock2 receptor in suppressing amyloid-beta production in alzheimer’s disease treatmentPublished
Dr. Nilanjan MazumdarBusiness AdministrationAn artificial intelligence based system in human resource management functionsPublished
Dr. Nilanjan MazumdarBusiness AdministrationA system for avoiding fraud financial losses in multiple payment platforms using artificial intelligence & machine learning and method thereofPublished