Paper Publications

Name of the Author(s)DepartmentPaper TitleName of the JournalMonthYear
Dr. Jnanashree BorahEarth sciencesThe factors affecting milk yield in diary farming in greater guwahati
region of assam
International journal of advanced research,August2021
Dr. Saru JoshiEducation (PQSE)Attitude of parents towards inclusion of children with special needs in general
school settings
The journal of oriental research madras, vol. Xcii-lxivFebruary2021
Dr. Parbin SultanaBusiness AdministrationA systematic review of brand and its impact on automobile industryTurkish online journal of qualitative inquiry (tojqi)volume 12, issue 6,
july, 2021: 4746–4770
Dr . Rashmi BaruahBusiness AdministrationTourism development and its impacts in shaheed dweep of andaman and nicobar islands: an understanding from the host community perceptions
vol. 16, no. 2 41-63
Atna – journal of tourism studiesJuly2021
Dr. Nabarun PurkayasthaSociologyTribe and government policy: with special reference to thadou tribe in chandel district of
Dogo rangsang research journal, vol-11 issue-09 no. 02 september 2021August2021
Mr. Arup Nama Das, Dr. D.K. Sharma And Dr. Rezina AhmedZoologyAn assessment of physico- chemical parameters of water in association with
the ichthyofauna diversity of dhir beel in dhubri district of assam, india
International journal of ecology and environmental sciencesSeptember2021
Dr. D.K. SharmaZoologyAn assessment of physicochemical parameters of waters in association with the icthyofauna diversity of dhir beel in dhubri district in
International journal of ecology and environmental sciencesSeptember2021
Dr. Jonali ChetiaEducation (PQSE)A study on the use of ICT
among teachers of B.Ed colleges
Anvesak, volume: 51,
no: iv, page: 71-77
Dr. Nabarun PurkayasthaSociologyThadous and assimilation process: with special
references in chandel district of manipur
Dogo rangsang research journal, vol – 11, issue – 09, no – 1, sept, 2021September2021
Prof. D.K SharmaZoologyAn assessment of physico chemical parameters of water in association with the icthyofauna diversity of dhir beel in dhubri district in assamInternational journal of ecology and environmental sciencesSeptember2021
Dr. Ishani ChakrabarttyApplied BiologyThe potential exposure and hazards of
metal-based nanoparticles on plants and environment: a review
Environmental advances,
Dr. Pradip Kumar BaruahBotanyPhylogenetic analysis of piper species of assam (india) using molecular markersInternational journal of botany studiesOctober2021
Abhijit Thakuria And Indranil ChakravartyLibrary & Information ScienceA bibliometric review on information seeking behaviour research literature in library and
information science using histcite and vosviewer
Library philosophy and practice(e-journal)October2021
Dr. Kangkan Jyoti SarmaZoologyLength weight relationship and condition factor of rhinomugil corsula (hamilton, 1822) (actinoptergii, mugiliformes, mugilidae) in four major estuaries of
gujarat, india
Journal of fisheries and environmentNovember2021
Dr. Atowar Ul IslamComputer Science and ElectronicsConstruction of 3-colourable graph and its applicationDesign engineering (toronto)November2021
Dr. Trishna M. ThakuriaSociologyGender- based power differentials in contraceptive behaviour in india and search for alternativesIndian journal of gender studiesNovember2021
Dr. Thagi Ram GogoiSociologyThe fangs of covid 19 on the commercialization aspects of bodo food: with special reference to sonitpur district of assamKanpur philosophers

Dr. Thagi Ram GogiSociologyCommodification of food culture: a study of the bodo community with special reference to charidvar area of the sonitpur district of assamAnvesakNovember2021
Dr. Kangkan Jyoti SarmaZoologyLength weight relationship and condition factor of rhinomugil corsula(hamilton, 1822) (actinoptergii, mugiliformes, mugilidae) in four major estuaries of gujrat india.Journal of fisheries and environmentNovember2021
Dr. Prabal SarkarZoologyAssessing pollution removal efficiencies of some selected parameters by applying different remediation techniques for petroleum oily
Environmental challengesDecember2021
Dr. D.K. SharmaZoologyCovid-19 pandemic and its
impact on wildlife
Asian journal of
conservation biology
Dr. Anindita BhattacharyaEarth ScienceAssessing pollution removal efficiencies of some selected parameters by applying different remediation techniques for
petroleum oily sludge
Environmental challengesDecember2021
Dr. Atowar Ul IslamComputer Science and ElectronicsMinimum vertex cover of a new cluster graph and its application in sensor networkNat. Volatiles & essentials. OilsDecember2021
Dr. Lalit SaikiaEarth scienceA mass balance approach in sediment budgeting of large alluvial rivers with special emphasis on the brahmaputra in assamThe journal of indian association of sedimentologists vol. 38, issue 2, 2021 pp. 15-24December2021
Dr. Thagi Ram GogoiSociologyTransforming the education system in india: challenges opportunities and way forwardedNiu international journal of human rights
Dr. Sandeep GuptaSociologyStrains of covid-19 on the conjugal life: an analytical study of divorce rate in the top four metropolitician city of indiaKanpur philosophers pp90-97December2021
Dr. Anindita BhattacharyaEarth ScienceAssessing pollution removal effeciencies of some selected parameters by applying different remediation techniques for petroleum oily sludgeEnvironmental challengesDecember2021
Dr. Yugal Kishore MohantaApplied BiologyWet chemical development of cuo/go nanocomposites: its augmented antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anticancerous activityJournals of material science: materials in medicineDecember2021
Dr. Yugal Kishore MohantaApplied BiologyAntifungal metabolites as food bio-preservatives: innovation, outlook, and challengesMetabolitesDecember2021
Dr. Nabarun PurkayasthaSociologySantal and assimilation processRupkatha:a journal on interdisciplinary studies in humanitiesDecember2021
Dr. Bulbul AcharjeeZoologyDiversity analysis of phytoplankton community in relation to physicochemical characteristics of chatla floodplain lake of district cachar, assam, north east india b. Acharjee a, s.b laskar b* and a.h. ChoudhuryUttar pradesh journal of zoologyDecember2021
Dr. Baharul IslamUSLRA socio-legal study on changing dimensions of environment pollution control in indiaNiu international journal of human rights,January2022
Dr. Sony Kumari & Dr. Madhushmita BorthakurApplied BiologyAnatomical and physiological responses of citrus megaloxycarpa lush.: a cryptic species of northeast indiaApplied biochemistry and biotechnologyJanuary2022
Mh LaskarSociologyHappiness and quality of life in indiaInternational journal of happiness and developmentJanuary2022
Dr. Trishna M. ThakuriaSociologyDalit women in dalit liberation movement in maharastra and womens mvement in indiaContemporary voice of dalit, a peer- reviewed sage journalJanuary2022
Dr. Thagi Ram GogiSociologyInsurgency and counterinsurgency operation in assam: a historical- sociological perspective.Perspective on global development and technologyJanuary2022
Dr. Sanjib DuttaRural Development.a study on the scope of the ancillary & service industries in rural areas based on large/medium industries of the north-eastern regionAnvesakJanuary2022
Prof. Aranya B BhattacherjeePhysicsNonlinear optical response in coupled quantum wells optomechanical microcavityPhysica scriptaJanuary2022
Dr. Faizuddin AhmedPhysicsCentral potential effects induced by lorentz symmetry violation on modified quantum oscillator fieldModern physics letters aJanuary2022
Dr. Yugal Kishore MohantaApplied BiologyTarget specific inhibition of protein tyrosine kinase in conjunction with cancer and sars-cov-2 by olive nutraceuticalsFrontiers in pharmacologyJanuary2022
Dr. Yugal Kishore MohantaApplied BiologySpace breeding: the next-generation cropsFrontiers in plant scienceJanuary2022
Dr. Yugal Kishore MohantaApplied BiologyPlant source derived compound exhibited in silico inhibition of membrane glycoprotein in sars-cov-2: paving the way to discover a new class of compound for treatment of covid-19Frontiers in pharmacologyJanuary2022
Ms. Pinky DekaApplied BiologyApplications of inorganic nanoparticles in food packaging: a comprehensive reviewPolymerJanuary2022
Prof. Karobi SaikiaZoologyAquatic insect (coleoptera and hemiptera) diversity in relation to physic-chemical parameters in dura beel, assam, indiaInternational journal of entomology researchJanuary2022
Dr. Mautushi DasBotanySeasonal monitoring of algal diversity and spatiotemporal variation in water properties of simsang river at south garo hills, meghalaya, indiaSustainable water resources management (springer)January2022
Dr. Jonali ChetiaEducation (PQSE)A study on co-curricular activities at secondary school.Journal of education:rabindra bharati publication.January2022
Dr . Rashmi BaruahBusiness AdministrationTeam effectiveness model in telecom sectorAnvesakJanuary2022
Dr. Carefulness M. DirborneBotanyEffect of ph specific conditions on the growth of chloroccocum humicola(negeli)rabenhorst:a growth standardization study on an emerging alga in bioproduction and bioremediationInternational journal of biology, pharmacy and allied sciencesJanuary2022
Dr. Sukriti Das & Dr . Rashmi BaruahBusiness AdministrationA study on emerging challenges towards green hrm and organizational sustainability: evidence from manufacturing companies of assamThe journal of oriental research madrasJanuary2022
Dr. Nicholus BhattacharjeeChemistryProbing liquid-ordered and
disordered phases in lipid
model membranes: a
combined theoretical and
spectroscopic study of a
fluorescent molecular rotor
The journal of physical
chemistry b
Dr. Bulbul AcharjeeZoologyNamsing: a traditional fermented fish product of mising tribe in gohpur, assam, indiaUttar pradesh journal of zoologyJanuary2022
Dr. Golam MohiuddinChemistryObservation of “de vries-like”
properties in bent-core
Chemical scienceJanuary2022
Dr. Dhritiman ChandaBotanyBiological control of horse hair blight(marasmius equicrinis) by bacillus sp. In the tea garden of assamJournal of pure and applied micro biologyJanuary2022
Dr. Pallab KalitaPharmacyText book of pharmaceutical calculation and extemporaneous preparations(review)Pharma timesJanuary2022
Dr Yugal Kishore MohantaApplied BiologyBioengineering of green-synthesized tat peptide-functionalized silver nanoparticles for apoptotic cell-death mediated therapy of breast adenocarcinomaTalantaJanuary2022
Dr. Pallab Kalita* Dr. Sudarshana Borah ,Mr. G. K. BhargavPharmaceutical ScienceEvaluation of anti inflammatory and anti oxidant activities of osbeckia criniteJournal of pharmaceutical research internationalFebruary2022
Dr. Baharul IslamUSLRRights and social security for workers in unorganized sector in india; an assessmentJournal of education
rabindra bharati university
Mr. Abdul Wadud SkUSLRA study of criminal liability corporations under international criminal lawAnvesak sardar patel institute of economic and social researchFebruary2022
Dr. Faizuddin AhmedPhysicsKlein–gordon oscillator under the effects of violation of lorentz symmetryInternational journal of geometric methods in modern physicsFebruary2022
Prof. Aranya B BhattacherjeePhysicsFar-infrared frequency mode conversion using bulk acoustic phonon modesApplied physics bFebruary2022
Prof. Aranya B BhattacherjeePhysicsOptical response properties of a hybrid electro-optomechanical system interacting with a qubitJournal of modern opticsFebruary2022
Dr. Yugal Kishore Mohanta & Dr. Sony KumariApplied BiologyEdible mushrooms as novel
myco-therapeutics: effects on lipid level, obesity and bmi
Journal of fungi (mdpi)February2022
Dr. Yugal Kishore MohantaApplied BiologyExploring dose dependent cytotoxicity profile of gracilaria edulis mediated green synthesized silver nanoparticles against mda-mb-231 breast carcinomaOxidative medicine and cellular longevityFebruary2022
Dr. Yugal Kishore MohantaApplied BiologyNanomaterials: a promising therapeutic approach for cardiovascular diseasesJournal of nanomaterialsFebruary2022
Prof. Atul Chandra Talukdar
Miss. Fahmida Saheen Bora
Political ScienceInfrastructure management in government primary schools of kamrup metro: an analysis on opinions of heads of the schools and teachers.ShodhsamhitaMarch2022
Dr Rashal SarkarComputer ScienceMulti-feature learning model for epilepsy classification supervised by a highly robust heterogenous deep ensembleTurkish journal of computer and mathematics educationMarch2022
Dr. Nabarun PurkayasthaSociologyImpact of covid -19 in education: with special reference of thadou tribe in chandel district of manipur.International journal of law ,humanities, and social scienceMarch2022
Dr. T.R. GogoiSociologyLand regulation in assam: a critical application in char areas from sociological perspectiveInternational journal of law ,humanities and social scienceMarch2022
Dr. Saru JoshiEducation (PQSE)Parental attitude towards inclusion of children with special needs in general school settings.Journal of education- rabindra bharati universityMarch2022
Dr. Saru JoshiEducation (PQSE)Attitude towards inclusion of chlidren with specialneeds in general schools in dhemaji district of assam.Anvesak.March2022
Dr. Pallab Kalita
Mr. Rofiqul Islam
Mr. Gaurav Kumar Bhargav
Pharmaceutical ScienceEvaluation of anti-inflammatory activity of methanolic extract of cyperus rotundus leavesGradiva review journalMarch2022
Dr. Pallab Kalita
Mr. Rofiqul Islam
Mr. Gaurav Kumar Bhargav
Ms. Jayita Das
Mr. Pyrkhatlang Myrboh
Pharmaceutical SciencePrevalence and determinants of pcos in south asian womenGradiva review journalMarch2022
Dr. Kanak Chandra Bora &
Dr. Atowar Ul Islam
Computer Science and ElectronicsSuitable site selection of water atm(basis of interior/exterior conditions) using graph theory and iot
vol 24. Issue: 4
Journal of cases in information technology(jcit)March2022
Dr. Faizuddin AhmedPhysicsEffects of lorentz symmetry violation on a relativistic scalar particle in quantum systemsEuro physics lettersMarch2022
Dr. Faizuddin AhmedPhysicsKlein- :gordon oscillator under a linear central potential induced by lorentz symmetry violationEuro physics lettersMarch2022
Dr. Kunja Kusum KakatiEducation (PQSE)The introduction of modern education in garo hills: the historical perspective.Journal of education: rabindra bharati universityApril2022
Dr. Thagi Ram GogoiSociologyWomen reproductive health rights to population control: a study conducted in riverine areas of assam.ShodhsamhitaApril2022
Dr. Sanjib Kumar DuttaRural DevelopmentAn analysis on agri- marketing and food processing sector of the north-eastPhalanx: a quaterly review for continuing debateApril2022
Dr. Saru JoshiEducation (PQSE)Role of home environment on the academic achievement of secondary school students a study in ri-bhoi, meghalayaShodhsamhitaApril2022
Dr. Konkumoni BoroPolitical ScienceAn international forum for the science of positive psychology in education and schools.Journal of positive school psychologyApril2022
Dr. Sandeep GuptaSociologyCapturing the evolution of sociological perspectives on work: a feminist critiqueBengal, past and presentApril2022
Dr. Manoj Pralhad Nigadkar
Monalisha Rabha
Social WorkConceptual understanding of corporate social responsibility in current development scenarios in indiaJuni khyatApril2022
Dr. Eahya Al HudaEarth ScienceEstimation of pre monsoon runoff of high-humid foot-hill areas of arunachal himalayasNorth eastern geographerApril2022
Dr Atowar Ul Islam
Dr Anupam Dutta
Computer Science & Electronics,
Construction of new structure of 4-regular planar graph and its application in lattice structureStochastic modeling and applicationsApril2022
Dr. Kangkan ChoudhuryMathematics
radiation effect on mhd flow past a porous
vertical plate in the presence of heat sink”
Heat transferApril2022
Dr. Gitumani SarmaMathematicsA study on kepler’s law of nonlinear
differential equation with the solution of
lambert’s problem in a three-dimensional intercept space
International journal of mechanical engineeringApril2022
Dr. Baharul IslamUSLRA comparative study on working of planning commission and niti aayogWesleyan journal of researchApril2022
Dr. Bhairab SarmaComputer Science & ElectronicsSlot loaded microstrip triangular patch antenna for dual frequency applications in s bandJournal of positive school psychologyApril2022
Dr. Nilanjan MazumdarBusiness AdministrationOperations of online food delivery system: a study of the pertinent factors in the cachar district of assamDogo rangsang research journalApril2022
Dr. Nilanjan MazumdarBusiness AdministrationAre the customers satisfied with the food aggregators? A study of
select pertinent factors in the cachar district of assam.
Rabindra bharati journal of philosophyApril2022
Dr. Durlov SaikiaChemistryEstimation of drinking water quality parameters in

different water sources of north
lakhimpur town, assam, india
Pollution researchApril2022
Priyanka Mahanta & Abhijeet BrahmaBusiness AdministrationInfluence of social media marketing towards various dimensions of brand equityBhartiya shiksha sodh patrikaApril2022
Priyanka MahantaBusiness AdministrationRole of sustainable communication in green marketing strategiesBhartiya shiksha sodh patrikaApril2022
Dr. Abdur RashidCommercePerception of indian consumers at traditional stores
and shopping malls
Journal of management & entrepreneurshipApril2022
Dr. Pinkimani GoswamiMathematicsStudy of some properties and behavior of the group of signed quadratic residues and its implementation to cryptographyStudies in computational intelligenceApril2022
Dr. Yugal Kishore MohantaApplied BiologyMolecular docking and in vitro inhibitory effect of polyaniline (pani)/zno nanocomposite on the growth
of struvite crystal: a step towards control of uti
Applied biochemistry and biotechnology (springer)April2022
Dr. Kangkan Jyoti SarmaZoologyLength-weight relationship, condition factor, gonadosomatic index and gut-content analysis of planiliza planiceps (valenciennes 1896) (actinopterygii, mugiliformes, mugilodae) from the four major estuaries of gujarat, india.Thalassas: an international journal of marine sciencesApril2022
Dr. Priyanka KashyapApplied BiologyDevelopment of antioxidant rich dietary supplement for celiac diseaseJournal of medical pharmaceutical and allied sciencesApril2022
Dr. Mautushi DasBotanyCyanobacterial diversity in different sites and seasons found in gossaigaon sub-division, kokrajhar, btr, assam, indiaProceedings of the international academy of ecology and environmental sciencesApril2022
Dr. Sudin GangulyPhysicsEnhanced current rectification in graphene nanoribbons: effects of geometries and orientations of nanoporesNanotechnologyApril2022
Dr. Sudin GangulyPhysicsSpin-dependent transport in driven non-collinear antiferromagnetic fractal networkJournal of physics: condensed matterApril2022
Dr. Faizuddin AhmedPhysicsRelativistic quantum oscillator model under the effects of the violation of lorentz symmetry by an arbitrary fixed vector fieldEurophysics lettersApril2022
Dr. Nitu BorgohainPhysicsEnhanced supercontinuum by tan-hyperbolic gaussian pulsesJournal of nanophotonicsApril2022
Dr. Pallab Kalita, Mr. G. K. Bhargav, Rofiqul Islam, Jayita Das ,Pyrkhatlang MyrbohPharmaceutical scienceIntricacies in trisomy 21; role of certain polyphenols in cognitive dysfunction allied with neurodegenerationInternational journal of pharmaceutical sciences and research (ijpsr)April2022
Dr. Pallab KalitaPharmaceutical scienceNerium oleander: phytochemistry, poisoning and case studiesInternational journal of biology, pharmacy and allied sciencesApril2022
Dr. Pallab Kalita, Gaurav Kr. Bhargav, Dr. Sudarshana Borah, Aditya Bora, Quri Kiron HazarikaPharmaceutical scienceThe pathological aspects of erectile dysfunction: a taboo of sexual healthInternational journal of pharmaceutical sciences and researchApril2022
Dr Milu Rani DasBotanyEffect of rearing seasons and food plant combinations
on economic traits of cocoons and yarn of muga
silkworm (antheraea assamensis helfer)
Ecology environment and conservationApril2022
Dr Atowar Ul Islam,
Dr. Velumani Ps,
Sangeeta Borkakoty
Computer Science and ElectronicsThe importance of computer science education that incorporates both disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectivesStochastic modeling and applicationsMay2022
Dr. Saru JoshiEducation (PQSE)A theoretical analysis: issues confronted by the bodo women in assam and the role of education in empowering themUtkal historical research journalMay2022
Ms Nityanajli SarmahSocial WorkEconomic empowerment of women: highlighting conceptual approachJournal of the asiatic society of mumbaiMay2022
Dr. Faizuddin AhmedPhysics” relativistic motions of spin-zero quantum oscillator field in a global monopole space-time with external potential and ab-effect:Nature’s scientific reports,(nature family)May2022
Dr. Faizuddin AhmedPhysics“effects of lorentz symmetry breaking by a tensor field subject to coulomb– type potential on relativistic quantum oscillator”Proceedings of the royal society a: physical, mathematical, and engineering sciences.(royal society of london -a 117 years old journal.)May2022
Dr. Faizuddin AhmedPhysics“effects of lorentz symmetry violation by a constant vector field subject to cornell- type potential on relativistic quantum oscillator”Modern physics letters a.May2022
Dr. Faizuddin AhmedPhysics“exact solutions of generalized kg- oscillator under lorentz- violating effects by a fixed vector field subject to interaction potential”International journal of geometric methods in modern physicsMay2022
Dr Aranya B. BhattacherjeePhysics“cavity molecular dynamics of vibrational modes enhanced non-linear absorption and population dynamics”Optik, sciMay2022
Dr. Md. Nazeer HussainPolitical Science“health implications of industrial pollution in meghalaya: quest for ushering in effective policy implementation strategy”The indian journal of political scienceMay2022
Mr Kamallochan BarmanPharmaceutical ScienceAn updated review on facial hyperpigmentation disorder and treatmentCurrent drug therapy(bentham science publishers)May2022
Mr Rofiqul Islam
Mr Aditya Bora
Mr Quri Kiron Hazarika
Ms Jayita Das
Mr Innocent Sutnga,
Mr Pyrkhatlang Myrboh
Mr Gaurav K. Bhargav
Pharmaceutical ScienceEpidemiological aspects of pcosBulletin monumentalMay2022
Dr. Pallab Kalita
Mr Quri Kiron Hazarika
Pharmaceutical ScienceSeasame seeds: a promising anti-diabetic agentInternational journal of pharmaceutical science and researchMay2022
Mr Abdul Wadud Sk
Mr Shangky Khongwar
Ms Manjeera Saikia
Mr Yasser Iftikar Rahman
USLRAn assessment of the global terrorism challenges: an analysis of the strategies, dimensions and response to the challenges in the modern economic and political eraAnvesak a bi annual journalMay2022
Prof. Subhram RajkhowaUSLRAn analysis of success and challenges faced by the international criminal court on war crimes committed in darfur and ugandaNveo natural volatiles & essentail oilsMay2022
Dr Gitumani SarmaMathematicsSome discussion on properties of partial wronskianInternational journal of mechanical engineeringMay2022
Dr. Mautushi DasBotanyAssessment of algal diversity in zomduar, gossaigaon subdivision, assamIndian journal of applied and pure biologyMay2022
Ms Sabrin SultanaAdvance Research CentreUtilization of rice husk as a low cost adsorbant for heavy metal reduction from ganga water india.Research journal of agricultural scienceMay2022
Dr Papiya DuttaRural DevelopmentDoes the local administration ensure a sustainable development through microfinance in nagaland? Household perception analysis.South india journal of social scienceMay2022
Dr Ishani Chakrabartty,
Dr Yugal Kishore Mohanta
Dr. Nibedita Das
Dr. Amilia Nongbet
Applied BiologyExploration of lamiaceae in cardio vascular diseases and functional foods: medicine as food and food as medicineFrontiers in pharmacologyMay2022
Dr Yugal Kishore MohantaApplied BiologyEmerging therapeutic options for covid-19 associated mucormycosis:
present status and future perspectives
Mdpi-journal of clinical medicineMay2022
Dr Yugal Kishore MohantaApplied BiologyA critical review on valorization of food processing wastes and by-products for pullulan productionSpringer-journal of food science and technologyMay2022
Dr Saiyyad Alamdar HusainApplied BiologyDietary foods to strengthen immunity during pandemic: a composite reviewInternational journal of food and nutritional sciencesMay2022
Dr. Milu Rani DasBotanyRole of hydrogen ion concentration (ph) of water for the growth of cyanobacteria (blue green algae) in some sites of darrang, district assam, in preAsian journal of organic & medicinal chemistryMay2022
Dr. Chayanika BordoloiBotanyEthenomedicinal study of some aquatic macrophytes in wetlands in merapani of golaghat dist.assam,india.BioinfoletMay2022
Dr. Karobi SaikiaZoologyTraditional indigenous foods and beverages of various communities of sadiya sub-division of tinsukia district, assam,indiaUttar pradesh journal of zoologyMay2022
Dr. Karobi SaikiaZoologyWater chemistry of a tectonic lake of assam with reference to primary nutrientsUttar pradesh journal of zoologyMay2022
Dr. Rashmi BaruahBusiness AdministrationAn assessment of environmental sustainability factors in the development of tourism in swaraj dweep (havelock island) of the andaman and nicobar islands.Current world environment

an international research journal of environmental science
Dr Swarup Jyoti Baishya
Dr Kankana Borah &
Dr Palme Borthakur
Earth ScienceThe people of karang ,sendra and thanga island of loktak lake , manipur- a cultural -economic studyJuni khyatMay2022
Dr Anindita Bhattacharya

Dr Prabal Sarkar
Earth ScienceStatus of human-wildlife conflict in dibru-saikhowa national park of assam, indiaInternational journal of biosciences | ijb |May2022
Dr. Kangkan ChoudhuryMathematicsDiffusion‐thermo effect on mhd dissipative
flow past a porous vertical plate through
porous media
Heat transferJune2022
Prof. Aranya B BhattacherjeePhysicsBi-directional photonic switch and optical data storage in a hybrid optomechanical systemJournal of nonlinear optical physics & materials,JUNE2022
Dr. Golam MohiuddinChemistryImine-based highly polar achiral unsymmetrical four-ring bent shaped liquid crstals: design, synthesis and characterizationJournal of molecular structureJune2022
Dr. Lalit SaikiaEarth ScienceStatus of the nambul river in imphal, manipur – is it dying?Juni khyat journalJune2022
Dr. Eahya Al HudaEarth ScienceHydro meteorological characteristics of manas river waterJournal of the asiatic society of mumbaiJune2022
Dr Rashel SarkarComputer Science & ElectronicsAn efficient parallel clustering algorithm on big data using sparkJournal of east china university of science and technologyJune2022
Dr Arup Nama Das
Dr. D. K. Sharma
ZoologyAnalysis of planktonic abundance and its correlation to fish diversity in dhir beel (oxbow
lake), assam, india
Egyptian journal of aquatic biology and fisheriesJune2022
Ms. Gayatri SaikiaRural DevelopmentMicrobiological, physical and sensory characteristics of frozen misti dahi (sweet curd)Phalanx: a quarterly review for continuing debateJune2022
Prof Sanjib Kumar DuttaRural DevelopmentA study on the impact of industrial sickness on the socio-economic status of workers 1prof sanjib kumar duttaPhalanx: a quarterly review for continuing debateJune2022
Prof Sanjib Kumar Dutta
Ms. Priyanka Devi
Dr. Jhorna Sharma
Rural Development,
Spline regression analysis of production function of micro enterprises: a case study in dibrugarh districtPhalanx: a quarterly review for continuing debateJune2022
Dr. Papiya DuttaRural DevelopmentDoes the local administration ensure a sustainable development through microfinance in nagaland? Household perception analysisSouth india journal of social sciencesJune2022
Dr. Papiya DuttaRural DevelopmentDoes women health is really considered to be one of the priorities as enshrined in sdg? An empirical study on the determinants of women’s health in nagalandPhalanx: a quarterly review for continuing debateJune2022
Rompi Deb
Prof Sanjib Kumar Dutta
Dr. Sujata Choudhury
Dr. Mahsina Rahman
Education (PQSE)
Rural Development,
Impact of covid-19 on the travel and tourism industry
with special reference to meghalaya
Phalanx: a quarterly review for continuing debateJune2022
Mr. Shofiur Rahman
Dr. Dharani Dhar Goswami
Prof Sanjib Kumar Dutta
Rural Development
An analysis on the potentiality of argo-based industries in north east indiaJournal of the asiatic society of mumbaiJune2022
Dr. Chayanika BordoloiBotanyDiversity of aquatic macrophytes of sankar beel (wetland) of golaghat district of assam with
special reference to physicochemical water quality parameter.
Applied ecology and environmental sciencesJune2022
Dr. Carefulness Macnelson DirborneBotanyInvestigation on cyanobacteria and algal community structure in soil around jakrem hot spring, meghalayaIndian journal of applied and pure biologyJune2022
Dr. Carefulness Macnelson DirborneBotanyPhysico-chemical parameters of soil in different landuse type: an overview of its effect on terrestrial diatom assemblageBulletin of environment pharmacology and life sciences (accepted)June2022
Dr. Dhritiman Chanda Dr.Sashi Prava Devi
Dr. Nibedita Das
BotanyEcological diversity of phylloplane mycoflora of medicinal plants in naharlagun,
papumpare district, arunachal pradesh, india
Ecology, environment & conservation.June2022
Dr. Pranita HajongBotanyAlgal community structure and species diversity of fresh water bodies of kohima, nagaland”.Indian journal of applied and pure biologyJune2022
Md Abdul Wadud Sk Marphy Hiloidhary Barnali DekaUSLRA study on socio- economic crime with reference to money laundering as a global problem its negative effects of money laundering on the economyShodhasamhitaJune2022
Manjeera SaikiaUSLRRealizing the goal of atmanirbhar bharat through intellectual property rightsKanpur philosophersJune2022
Abdul Wadud Sk,Manjeera Saikia , Yasser Iftikar Rahman And Shangky KhongwarUSLRAsean and its role of integration with special focus on economic and religious integrationJournal of education: rabindra bharati universityJune2022
Abdul Wadud Sk,Khanjana Hazarika,Sakina Khatun Gohain,Sanjukta Gogoi And Pranami SarmahUSLRAn analytical study on cyber bullying and its impact on social media: indian perspectiveKanpur philosophersJune2022
Dr.Ishani Chakrabartty* Dr.Yugal Kishore Mohanta,Applied BiologyComparative overview of emerging rna viruses: epidemiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis and current treatmentAnnals of medicine and surgeryJune2022
Dr.Yugal Kishore MohantaApplied BiologyNano-chitosan: a novel material for glioblastoma treatmentInternational journal of surgeryJune2022
Dr. Manjit Kumar RayApplied BiologyTraditional knowledge of medicinal plants in different tribes of arunachal pradesh in
northeastern india
Journal of biodiversity and environmental sciencesJune2022
Dr. Yugal Kishore MohantaApplied BiologyLow-dose exposure of phytosynthesized gold nanoparticle combined with glutamine deprivation enhances cell death in cancer cell line hela via oxidative stress-mediated mitochondrial dysfunction and g0/g1 cell cycle arrestRsc-nanoscaleJune2022
Dr. Kaustuvmani PatowaryApplied BiologyCitrus maxima (burm.) Merr. Fruit juice and peel extract mediated synthesis of silver nanoparticles (ag nps) and their applications as antimicrobial agent and plant growth enhancer : role of silver nanoparticles in seed germinationKuwait journal of science and engineeringJune2022
Dr.Pooja SaikiaPhysiothearpyEffects of resisted exercises on grip strength in tennis playersJournal of medical and dental science researchJune2022
Gaurav K. Bhargav, Dr. Pallab KalitaPharmaceutical ScienceIncorporation of zebrafish model in drug discoveryBulletin monumentalJune2022
Gaurav K. Bhargav ,Dr.Pallab Kalita, Rofiqul Islam, Aditya Bora, Quri Kiron Hazarika, Jayita Das, Innocent Sutnga, Pyrkhatlang Myrboh.Pharmaceutical ScienceNeurological behaviour of zebrafish modelBulletin monumentalJune2022
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